OT - Aneheim results - KW?

I watched the Aneheim sx on tv. KW won his qualifier, but they never showed him or talked about him in the main. Anyone know what happened to him?

Boy, I hope someone discovers speed besides Chad or it is going to be a boring season for the top spot. Chad went through the whoops twice as fast as anyone else! It was astounding!

For 125 coverage, tune in to ESPN2 later in the week. They don't show much on the Sunday show.

I asked the same question myself after seeing the race. He finished back in the pack, 9th maybe?

Kevin got a decent mid pack start and was coming up through the pack. He got behind Evans and was stuck there for a bit. He took the inside before the tripples while Evans took the out side and Evans cut underneath him. They both doubled/singled the tripples. On the same straight there was a rythem/whoops section and Evans trippled where Kevin only doubled and Evans had the inside on the next turn and passed him back. From that point, Kevin pretty much gave up. Evans wanted it more then KDub did. Prior to that point, Kevin was catching Evans and pulling Huffman clearly. He was pretty unhappy with his setup in the whoops. On Monday either Marc Peters or Dirt Werx were at the honda test track building MONSTER whoops so kevin could ride back and forth. I too, hope he gets things going.

Read an interview where KW said he couldn't get his suspension dialed the way he wanted and decided not to take chances. Considering it was breaking his femur at an SX that ended his riding for a year and a half - I think it was a smart move on his part.

Hmmm . . . he looked pretty good when he won his qualifier. Perhaps they twiddled with his suspension and made it worse instead of better.

I watched it again tonight and noticed that he was somewhere around 12th the first couple laps and then 20th around lap 4. Perhaps he went down? Or stalled? He then climbed back up to 9th at the end. I hope he gets it sorted out and we have some real racing to watch in the coming weeks! I'd sure like it if they showed LaRocco more as well - mid-pack start all the way to 4th and they showed very little of him.

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