Street legal question

Just picked up a 13 wr450 and going to street legal it and have a few questions. Going to use the hydrolic brake switch and wondering if they are a direct plug in or am I going to have to cut and chop? What's everybody use for a high beam switch? What's the second bulb for in the headlight?

The hydraulic brake switch goes on in place of the banjo bolt in the banjo fitting and will not require any chopping. It is as easy as removing one bolt, installing a new one that has wires coming out of it, routing/rigging the wiring, and bleeding your brakes (since you will have introduced a bunch of air into the system when you remove the banjo bolt).

For the bright switch, I use the Tusk control switch assembly with off/low/high for the headlight, left/right blinkers, and horn - although I've since removed the switch assembly, along with the actual blinkers and horn, capped off the wires, and repositioned the bright switch by itself up next to the speedometer and on/off switch. It'll require some basic wiring skills and direction-following to install, but it's pretty straightforward.

Edit: I'm not familiar with the 12+ headlight, so I'm not sure what the other bulb is for.

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I've used the Tusk switch also for tail light, headlight high, low, off and horn on 2 bikes.  No turn signals required here.  I've made my own harness for the lighting and horn and fused everything.  Also use 2 diodes with the anode connected to high and low positive, cathodes connected to the tail light.  So it comes on with either high or low beam.  Banjo bolt switches front and back.  


Also replaced the pushbutton ignition switch with a common Yamaha starter/ignition on off switch.  Gets rid of 3 switches.  And keyed ignition that also kills the lights, used the Baja Designs switch.   

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