Small metal particles in Oil Filter

Recently I changed the oil in my '99 YZ400F, and when the oil filter was removed, it showed some little metal particles, is that normal....? Is everything ok.......? I just cleaned the filter because the small particles were a few only and putted back again, next oil change I'll replace the entire filter ! Is this the right thing to do.....?

Thanks ! :)

It sounds like you have just received the bike, is this the case?

It is normal to have some metal in the filter but as the bike gets used more you should notice less and less as you go. If you suddenly get a lot then you may want to check the engine closely. I too reuse the filters a few times as they seem to clean up just fine.

Just to add my 2cents of metal... I changed my oil filter after about 20 hours of rinding (after it was new), and was alarmed at all the little metal pieces in there... I put in a new filter, saved the old one (particles intact) and showed it to a couple of buddies that have been riding for a lot longer than me, and the consensus is that it's normal.


Yep, that seems to be the norm. Check out this old post, it should put your mind at ease.

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I found a bunch of particles in my filter also. If you start to have clutch abnormalities, you might want to check the basket and the inner hub. The steel instert in the hub of my bike came loose and was producing quite a bit of material. Also the clutch only worked funky while cold. It wasnt until I took the case off to correct the stripped allen screw for the oil filter cover did I find the problem. Think about that, the steel instert coming completely free on the face of a, say 80 ft double, not good, not good at all. :)

I haven't ridden any one else's 426, but the clutch grabs really odd - there are sort of two "grabs", and it's not consistent. I'm not happy with the clutch on this thing - I am currently looking into a hydraulic clutch.

Can anyone tell me if their clutch also grabs like this?


What year is your bike?

Actually I got a MAGURA hydraulic clutch installed on my YZ400F and slippage and malfunction is a thing this bike doesn't know ! I really recommend to anyone to change the stock clutch for a MAGURA Hydraulic !!! :)


I also have a 2000 and I bought some parts from the 2001 that dramatically improved the clutch engagement. So much so that it seems vague now. I also went with the MSR Raptor clutch lever at the same time so I may go back to stock to find out if it's the new parts or the lever. There are several posts, one of which has the part numbers in it.

A hydraulic clutch will reduce the pull and make it a more consistent pull, but until you get the 2001 parts, I'd wager you'd still have some chatter when you first drive off.

I ordered my parts by going to, the parts on there are sold through PowersportsPro. They were a few bucks cheaper than the local dealer, but not by much. Took about 8 days to get here.


Dan its and easy check to make sure the steel insert in the hub itself isnt coming loose like mine did. Check it. Just pull the cover and youll probably be able to wiggle the inner clutch pack with your bare hands, but you might want to gently pry on it with a screwdriver to make sure. I replaced mine with a hinson unit, also have a hinson basket. My clutch is almost honda like now. Love it

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