Moto-Connection, Marzocchi Suspension and HAHM Motorports are pleased to welcome you to our SUPERMOTO TEST SESSION at APEX Kart track in Perris, CA. STTARS’ SuperMotoTT is full swing this winter and we want you ready to race! We will have different experts on hand to answer questions and provide set-up advice.

Moto-Connection and Hahm Motorsports have set-up a 2004 CRF 250 and CRF 450 for use in the test session. Marzocchi’s suspension team will be on hand to educate and adjust the machines for you. Each attendee will maximum time on each machine (more if time/attendance allows)! Each machine will be outfitted with the latest SuperMoto products:

Marzocchi Factory Suspension

EXCEL Pro Series SuperMoto wheels

Braking SuperMoto 320mm Wave Rotors and 4 Piston Penza Calipers

Magura 16mm Mastercyclinders

GalferBraided lines and more!

WHEN: Thursday January 15th

WHERE: APEX KART Track , Perris, CA


NOON to CLOSE open practice

Bring your own bike & ride ours! Each rider will pay just $35 and we will make available the required IMSA insurance card to those without. If we get enough of you to chip in $5 we’ll cater pizza and cokes at the lunch break! All products tested are available for purchase through or your local dealer!

For this and the upcoming Southwest Championship Series Schedule, Class Breakdown and series sponsor inquiries goto or!

PM me if your're interested!

See you there!

:)-/Moto-Connection/Marzocchi Suspension/Hahm Motorsports

I'm off work Wed, the day before that... if I can switch my day off then I'll be there.

Also, a guy I work with that races cars and rides dirt bikes wants to get into Supermoto and has been wanting to ride a 250F. He came out to Grange Sunday to check it out and is in the market for a bike now. If I come out then he'll probably come with me as long as he can get a few sessions in on your bikes.

If you haven't been on the new, improved dirt section at Apex you're missing out... it's really fun.

The CRF 250 we'll have there that he and you can ride will be for sale through Hahm... finance-able! :)

if only i lived in ca.

That sounds great - SuperMoto Racer Magazine will also be there. If anyone hasn't picked up a copy of the premiere issue - I will have some other there as well.

Todd, it's still on for tomorrow right? I should be out there by 10am. :)

That sounds great - SuperMoto Racer Magazine will also be there. If anyone hasn't picked up a copy of the premiere issue - I will have some other there as well.

sent paypal over a month ago it seems like and stil haven't seen anything yet and i live in the nexy city :)

It only comes out every 3 months, I don't know if they start you at a back issue or not. I am sure someone knows.


They prolly dont send out issues to everybody as the orders come in. I think they send them out in bulk at bulk rates to save on shipping.(as most magazines do) I ordered mine before Christmans and aint seen it either but im sure ill get it when the next bundle of them are shipped..

Gotta figure, 15 bucks for yearly subscription of 4 magazines "shipped", they aint makin nothin on sellin magazines..

Yup should be out there as well doing a little sniffin around lol

Ill be there mid morning, but im only pickin up a bike and then i gotta get back to san diego for work..

Let us know how it went today!

I just got a call from Motogreg who just so happens to be partaking in the big event and he says there are tons of people out there. He also said Nicky Hayden is tearin' it up and Dauv "Hollywood" McNeely is gettin' all on film. :) Can't wait to see the finished product!

Lucky bastards... I'm stuck here at work :)

Another report just in...Max Biaggi and Jeff Ward just showed up! There's a lot of good, fast riding going on. Sounds like we need to figure out a good way to leave work right now. :)


Why do I have to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Man o" Man......This really sucks! All those guys are there and I'm stuck here! I still have staples in my leg and hip from my surgery...I just called the doctor to change my appointment to get these staples out tomorrow so I can go riding this weekend!!!! Going to the "Grange" I'm praying for Nicky and those other Moto Stars to be there! Great practice when you have that kind of company on the track with you!! :):D

Thank you Moto-Connection, Hahm Motorsports, and Marzocchi. :)

Some fast dudes came out today...

Nicky Hayden

Max Biaggi

Matt Pursley

Troy Lee

Jeff Ward

Eric Bostrom

Johnny Murphy

Mike Metzger

and more that I'm forgetting right now.

I've been immersed in Supermoto for the past year. I've seen most of these guys riding in person before. I was even a corner worker at the last two AMA rounds at Irwindale and Vegas so I've had the best possible vantage point watching Ward, Henry, Bostrom, Chambon, Kunzel, etc... I thought I had a pretty good understanding of everything Supermoto... until today. I can't put into words the things Nicky Hayden can make a motorcycle do. If you guys thought Dauv's video from Grange was pretty cool then you're going to go apeshit when you see footage of Nicky. If Dauv captured 5% of the stuff Nicky was doing then the video is going to be unreal. :D

All I have to say is.......Oh My GOD!

Thats all I have to say....

I usually say way more than I should or most of you want to hear, but all I can say right now is "OH MY GOD". :)

Yup, sure was a great day. I thought I missed my chance to see Max and Nicky scrap it up last weekend, but this made up for it! The best action came late in the day as Hayden, Bostrom, Biaggi, Lee, Murphree, and Metzger were freight training the track never more than a bike length apart. They were RACING!!WHEW!!

Also haulin' A were SuperMoto Racer Magazine's Scott Hoffman, Chad Freeman, Travis Marks, Joel Tarquin, Camo Bob Cobb, Randy Mennenga, Justin Ross, Josh Pullin, Trey Smith and Moto-Connections Todd Kelly.

I'm sure I left a dozen or more names off, as some guys left early, including Jeff Ward.

Some of the ThumperTalk locals included MotoGreg, Team Scream, PCH, jp154, Motoman319, GMCpro2, smotard, I think I'm forgetting a few folks, sorry.

The Hahm Motorsports demo bikes ran great. Kudos to Paul Brent and Marzocchi USA tech Shannon Decker, who kept the machines happy happy!

Also, Factory Kawasaki's Pete Bothwell had his KX250F passin hands, the coolist was Umbrella Girls USA owner Natalie Jackson, a blond bombshell decked out in A-star leathers and she was fast!! She was practicing for the new umbrella girls video and photo shoot friday at Grange.

Well thats about it, 80 degree weather, sunshine, t-shirts and supermoto, livin' it up in cali!! :):D

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