XR100 questions...


I just bought an 03 XR100 for my girlfriend and just had a few questions.

1. What kind of oil do you guys recommend, and what is the capacity I should put it.

2. How often do you guys recommend to change the oil.

3. Anything I should look for with this bike. I live in AZ, and ride a CRF450 so I know about maintenance :). I know to change the air filter regularly, probably after every ride, and to change oil often, just not sure how often on these little bikes. Anything else that I need to know about would be appreciated.



Everyone will obviously have different opinions on oil. But I always stay away from synthetics. But that is just me. And I change it every ride. Do a search or just look around for tons of info here.

Oil is the number one killer on these motors. (as most) I would change every 2 or 3 rides in the winter and every 1 or 2 rides in the summer. I just use the Honda black stuff and I buy it by the gallon, so it's a little cheaper.

Would Honda GN-4 10-40 be alright. I have ran it in all my bikes, and have never had a single problem. Plus I have more than I know what to do with. I got on a good sale one day and bought alot of it. I could get it on the schedule as my CRF, but isn't every 1 o 2 rides a little to often for a very very begginer. I mean she has never ridden a bike in her life?



GN-4 is perfect for an XR100 and every 1 or 2 rides is overkill if she's not wide open the whole time, which she won't be unless she's related to Seth or something. Change it as often as your own bike and it'll be fine. This will be better care than 90% of the XR100s out there are getting.

Dude, isnt changing the oil after every ride overkill? Or is it just me being a cheap a$$? Oh well, I hardly ever change the oil in my xr and its a 97 and it still runs like the day I bought it! Do make sure you check all of the motor mount bolts though...mine tend to get loose after riding 5 or 6 rides. Nice bike though! Good Luck :)

Change your oil after every couple of rides. You can certainly use the cheap stuff as it is not so much the oil breaking down(it IS only an XR100) as it is the lack of an oil filter. Changing the oil takes about 3 minutes once you have it down as it has no oil filter. The air filter should be cleaned every ride if it is dusty, as dirt is what mainly contaminates the oil. The beauty of these little bikes(the stockers, that is) is they are virtually indestructable and could probably use WD-40 in the tranny with never changing it and run for years... God, I love XR100's!!


It is overkill for her. I was thinking of me and my friends running it pinned (floating valves pinned) for 3 or 4 hours.. . For just putting it around, I would just change it every three or four rides depending on the look of it. The thing that concerns me would be the extreme heat in Arizona and sometimes people get lazy about changing the oil and next thing they know, they have been running on empty for two or three rides. It's only $2.50 a quart and the best insurance you can do for your bike. :)

Got another question for you guys. I picked up the bike today, and the guy could not find the manual for it. Can someone help me out on oil level? I am gonna change the oil before she even rides it, but don't know how much to put in. :) Also, I rode the bike around for 10 or 15 minutes yesterday, and it ran fine, today I can not get it to stay running? It wont idle if the choke is off, and with the choke on it has a bog which is normal if the choke is on. The guy bought it out of Colorado so I am gonna check the jets tonight. But what jets would you recommend in AZ (I think we are at about 1000-1500 but I an not sure).



It takes about a quart - there's a dipstick on the oil fill cap.

The stock main jet is a 98 I believe. I am not sure of the idle jet..35 possibly? Make sure that the air screw is 1.5 out, that is a good starting point and is pretty standard stetting. I would take the idle jet out and make sure that it is clean.. Blast some carb cleaner through all of the little holes in the carb, espicially the hole that has the idle jet in it. Good luck

I am officially a retard. Man, I work on my CRF, YZ450F, my YZ400 and they all run like raped apes. Never had a problem with any of them. I bring the little XR 100 home and it wont run. Turns out the problem is that I reversed the choke. I thought open was close and close was open. I was trying to ride it around with choke on, making it very rich, and run like crap. Luckily I didn't foul the plug. But I figured it out, got the idle set, and we are off to watch SX tomorrow, then to go ride on Sunday. Should be a good weekend.


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      Guy's, After cleaning carb. When running at idle I'm getting a surge. I can lean the bike to the right & the idle decreases. Leaned left it increases. This is after cleaning the carb. Throttle is not binding, cable is routed properly, slide is in properly, no timing issues, no valve issues, filter is clean, fuel is new, spark is good, it runs good, plug is a touch on the rich side. My thought is float level off? See a video of this phenomenon at https://youtu.be/K9p4UFtbA4o
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