Handlebar "pull back"

While browsing the site--I noticed on the "confused" thread someone had "good pull back" on his bars. What is that? Is that "sweep" or how much the bar ends come back towards you from straight across?

I have found that with a lot of sweep, my wrists ten to take a beating from being bent on when hitting hard landings. I opted for a Windham bend Pro Taper bar after my bike fell over and the stock bars bent. The Windham bend is pretty straigh across compared to many. Make me want to keep my elbows up and out where they belong!

However, they are MX bars so I am going to cut some off for the trails.

You guys like lots of sweep or just a little?

I prefer very little sweep/pull back

I prefer my bars to be pretty straight or very little sweep. I ride over the bars alot so that fits my style. I think you will find most of the riders that ride the rear of the bike prefer more sweep in their bars.

And I cut 1 3/8 off each end. My friends freaked. You definitey don't want to go any more. But I measured how wide the stock bars were and cut down the new Pro-Tapers to the same width. I love it. Get some fresh hack saw blades, it's tough stuff. I got my bars and top clamp at www.motosportoutlet.com for about 200. Top clamp is the cheaper Applied. It's not adjustable, but I love it.

I prefer the straighter bars also. I have Pro Taper Windham bend. I cut 1/2" off each end to compensate for Cycra handguards so end to end they still measure the same as uncut bars. Too much pullback feels like your on a chopper.

Yeah, I run minimal sweep/pullback myself. I use Magura SX bend bars. Very tall, Very small sweep/pullback.

Nice bars.

High pullback entices elbows in riding style. Straight bars make you keep your elbows out so your wrists get a rest.

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