99 TT-R 250 Pipe Suggestions

My 99 TT 250 is looking to uncork within reason. What would the best and quietest pipe be for it? (I like quiet) The jets will be changed and the air box improved within reason. I'm looking for a tad more low end to hoist my front end & old butt in the air a little easier.

Do any WR exhaust parts fit the TT-R?



99 TT-R 250

00 JR-50

00 Alpha Sports 50

70 SS Chevelle

Have you pulled the restricter out of the stock pipe yet?

I had an fmf mega max on mine but it was too loud for California laws. Supertrapp IDS is another and I bet pro circuit makes one too. Search the net for those companies and that should give you a start. But personally just pulling the snorkel and the restricter helped alot.

Try the FMF Q slip on. It should open the bike up and keep the sound down.

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