this might seem silly but...

has anyone ever installed a tach on their drz?

You mean your bike didn't come with one?

You better bring it back to the dealer! :)

its hard to get an accurate one for a single cylender bike that doest cost a [@#$%&!] load. the stock rev limeter is 1000rmp lower then it needs to be so you dont need a tach. just ride the f-ucker as hard as you want. :)

Classic Simon response :)

But its TRUE. Balls to the wall bounce the rev limiter all day long :D

hmm... perhaps i should go find out where my rev limiter kicks in. i haven't reached it yet. :)

rev till it stutters,shift and repeat. :)

rev till it stutters,shift and repeat.

All day long!! :D:)

Drag specialties makes a mini tach about 2.75" in diameter. Cost was about $65 US. I put one on my road bike and it seems to work well...I don't know how it would stand up to off-road pounding, but should handle trails. Carl

you guys crack me up. I had looked at an autometer single cylinder gauge awhile back and the damn thing was close to $300! I guess the thing just needs to get run WFO!

Well that sounds good, but it looks like almost all of their tachs are limited to 8000 RPM. :D I'm not sure where the stock rev limit kicks in, but I'm guessing it's about 9500. Does anyone know the actual RPM Limit? :)


10,000 S

10,500 E/K

11,000 yosh

Does anyone know the actual RPM Limit?


YUP! :) 5th gear tapped out :D :D

No but it would help me a lot. I only have 1% hearing with 3,600 bucks worth of hearing aids in my head. A tach would be benificial on technical hillclimbs to make sure I'm not in the red zone. I'm geared low enough I truly doubt I put a bike into the rev-limiter, it would be nice to know though. prairiedawg :):D :D :D

I don't want to take my eyes off of the trail for that split second to look at a tach. FEEL the bike, you don't need a tach.

FEEL the bike

Feel The Force, Luke....

I wouldn't mind having a tach either. When things are happening fast, I would not have to look at it, but its not always so critical that you couldn't see it for a tenth of a second at a time. I used to race cars and they all had tachs.


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