wr250f skid plates and protective gear

Hey all,

I was curious if anybody has purchased any of the protective gear for their bike like a skid plate or front disk rotor protecter. Is this stuff really needed or is it just extra weight. And if it is needed can anyone recommend which products to get and where to find them at. Thanx guys :)

Some will tell you "yes" others will say "no". I keep my trail bikes for about 5 years and don't want them all banged up so I put skid plates, frame, radiators and disk guards on. We do a lot of single track stuff with roots, rocks, trees and you name it. We get alot of rain and you tend to slip a little more in the wet stuff and ruts seem to develop overnight so I'd rather have the extra protection on the bike. If I had a bike strictly for racing, I'd probably not have as much on and keep it as light as possibly. That's my opinion from an ex- <font color="orange">Saddleback & Escape Country rider. :)

'BUGdaddy250' where do you ride down there now? :D


I just got the bike 2 months ago and have been chased by the police out of almost every area we tried to ride in. Currently we are riding in a small area next to canyon lake right across from the Perris Valley airport. If you can recommend any where to ride I would appreciate it. We mostly do trail riding,hill climbing, not really into MX Thanx for the info

Is this stuff really needed or is it just extra weight.

what kind of terrain do you ride on? is it rocky? is it muddy? are there a lot of trees? do you ride trails fast? do you hop a lot of logs? do you do enduros? do you crash a lot?

fingers are needed to hold things, hence the existence of hand guards.

radiators are expensive, hence the existence of radiator guards.

engines need oil and water to operate, hence the existence of skid plates.

brake rotors should be straight, hence the existence of rotor guards.

my US$.02 on the whole deal...

i have an '01 WR250F with about 2700 miles on it. i have handguards, and would dare not ride in densely wooded NJ/PA/MI trails without them. i do not have a front rotor guard. i have a carbon fiber glideplate, which protects the front and bottom of my motor from pointy rocks (i left the WRF's stock water pump and ignition cover guards on). my frame rails look like crap from hitting everything on the trail (rocks, logs, etc) -- alas the glideplate does not protect the frame. (in my defense a glideplate is lighter than a skidplate and does not collect nearly as much trail debris, plus it is MUCH easier to work on the bike.) i do not have frame guards. the frame areas where my boots rub is completely devoid of any paint -- and it's been repainted twice. i gave up.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f


Oh, I have handguards too, forgot to mention. I was just down that area and saw some people riding off the 15, south of the 91. One place was east of the 15 at El Cerrito, them farther down I think off main on the east side and across from the outlet malls on Nichols. I was coming up 15 from Murrieta and just saw the people riding, wishing I took my bike. I got home toSNOW last week. :D Up here it's 5 minutes down the street and we are gone for hours! :)

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