I think clutch is bad

I put my bike in gear hold the clutch in and it kinda lurkes forword like it wants to go is this norm or is the clutch bad ? If so what clutch is a good one to use and can I change it my self ?

Also bike is a 2010 yz450f

If it is a new symptom.

It is possibly a warped plate or clutch material broken loose and stuck between plates.

Maybe from overheating.

Also different oils can cause plate swelling and drag.

Try fresh recommended oil, if no better, inspect clutch.

Start with verifying that the cable is adjusted correctly; you should have 3mm of free cable travel at the lever.  If you have more than that, it would be a factor in your problem.  Less than that will make the clutch slip.


Common causes are incorrect adjustment, warped plates, or damaged springs.  If the thrust faces in the clutch basket or the clutch hub are badly notched where they contact the plates, that can also be a problem. I recommend using genuine Yamaha plates if you want to be certain of the results.  Most people with sound basic mechanical skills can rebuild a clutch fairly easily.  Changing the hub out is only a little more difficult, but changing the basket using an aftermarket part like Hinson or Barnett is a bit of a challenge for basic garage maintenance type guys.

I pulled the clutch out and inspected and all was good and hub was good also I must be being paranoid from the noise !! I'm used to my raptor so it must just be me !!

Clutch plates will have a form of hydraulic lock due to the thin film of oil between the plates. When you shove her into gear the clutch grabs slightly then breaks the surface tension. Nothing unusual, most bikes do this.

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