Decomp plugs ready


The aluminum blanking plugs for the manual decomp shaft hole are done and ready to be shipped. The price is $5 ea and includes shipping. PM me with your mailing address and quantity. I'm going to ship the plugs on the honor system until someone proves me wrong. Sorry, no Paypal, please send a money order, personal check or cashiers check.

Photos of plug and installation;

5$ That is like giving them away. Cool :)

I am assuming you use the original seal for the decomp shaft. Darn I think I trashed mine when I removed it. I'll take one. PM on the way. I will also post on the FAQ.


Thanks for posting on T-Faq.

Yea, you'll need to pick up the lip seal (Yamaha # 93102-12224) to use with the plug. The good news is that the plug also works as an excellent seal driver. Get the seal started, install the plug and tap the face of the plug with a plactic hammer until seated. Don't forget to remove the retention screw! :)

Yea, you'll need to pick up the lip seal (Yamaha # 93102-12224) to use with the plug.

Thanks, already ordered the seal for Yamaha of Troy.

No included on TF:

I searched the net for an hour trying to get the original plug (PN 90338-18064). Then I just typed the part number in google, and waddya know, vibeguy made something better! I'd rather do this than make a cover/retainer for the rubber plug.


Vibeguy! I just got your plugs in the mail yesterday. Thanks! SWEET!!! Hopefully I'll get a chance to install soon. Thanks for such speedy delievery!

Maniac :)

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