Decomp plugs ready


The aluminum blanking plugs for the manual decomp shaft hole are done and ready to be shipped. The price is $5 ea and includes shipping. PM me with your mailing address and quantity. I'm going to ship the plugs on the honor system until someone proves me wrong. Sorry, no Paypal, please send a money order, personal check or cashiers check.

Photos of plug and installation;

Maybe I'm stupid, but why would anyone want to remove the compression release on a Yamaha 4 stroke? Please explain!!!


The new 03 and newer yz's / wr's have automatuc decompression. There is no compression release lever. Yamaha put a plastic plug in place of the compression release assy in the head. This plug has a tendacy to pop out, puking oil onto the header.

The aluminum plug is a fix to this problem.

Or, your like me and installing a 03 YZ450 cam in your 02 426 and need to plug the hole when I throw my Decomp lever in the TRASH!!! Yeah hoo, I can't wait.

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