230> uncorked f&r>colorado elev.>jetting questions

brand new 230 needs some juice. will be riding 4000ft (junction now) to the tall stuff in the summer. intake & exhaust plugs puled. rev-box added. i'll be getting the power-up needle. what mains are you using? 132 is stated but that's for sea level. did you need to change pilot jet? if not where did pilot screw end up being?

thanks :)



I ran mine at 4600 ft with a modified exhaust baffle (drilled the hole out of the end of it), intake baffle removed & stock slow jet & don’t remember how many turns on pilot screw. Sorry. Power up needle in 2nd position (2nd from top). 120 main jet made it really rip on top at that elevation. I’d guess a 128 would be the size at that elevation if I had the exhaust baffle removed. They cost $4.50 or so. So, I’d buy a spread of them if I were you. Maybe a 120, 125, 128 & 130. Just keep them in case your riding some place different. If it pops from full throttle let off, then you need to go bigger. If it just won’t hit the rev limiter you need to go smaller.

Have fun! :)


thanks for the info! any idea what stock is?

The main is a #102, slow jet #42

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