2008 YZ450F

Hey guys

Im looking at a low hour(25) 08 Yz 450

I haven't seen it in person yet,But the owner says it has a slight vibration

My Rmz vibrates  some,so I don't think its a big deal,but I have heard Yamahas are very smooth

I have no experience with yamahas,so Im wanting to know if this is something I should be concerned with


Is he the original owner?  does it vibrate more now then? When did it change?


If the bike has been passed around i would worry.


25 hours - by a 25 year old on the rev limiter?

The seller either:

(A) has a clue, knows something's wrong with the bike and is being upfront or:

(B) has no clue, has never seen the airfilter or has so much as touched a wrench to the bike

I'd be worried either way. My 08 from new was noisy (they all are) but never vibrated much that I noticed. It certainly didn't buzz your fingers through the grips. I'd say if it vibrates as much or more than your RM run away.

He is the 2nd owner,he got it from a friend of his

He said that the local dealer checked it out and said it was nothing to worry about

Its a very nice bike,but I don't want to buy someone elses problems

Go check it out ... if it vibrates like a WR500 - run.  Sounds like you may get a great deal.

A mistake that can be made easily enough is to neglect to correctly time the balancer drive gear to the crank.  This, of course, is only likely if the right side of the engine has been disassembled.

He said that the motor has never been apart

He told me that it is a small vibration at low rpms

I think he dosent know mx bikes

He has never raced or rode much off road,he rides a lot of street bikes

The bike is 125 miles away,so I  think I will go look at it this weekend

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