How many miles does 03' 450exc get?

How many miles does the stoke tank on a 03'450exc get. :)

It varies a great deal on a lot of factors such as jetting, altitude, how hard you're twisting the loud handle, type of riding, etc, etc. I've gotten 50+mpg while trail riding on flat ATV trails with the wife and I've gotten as little as 32 miles to reserve in a power robbing enduro on the same bike. You'll just have to ride it your typical conditions and figure out what YOU get.

k400 01, 7,5lt tank (sx series...) always wide open not more of 86km.



There are a lot of variables here. With the stock tank and stock jetting I have run 100 miles with the stock tank. Riding in sand with the MXC tank I have gotten only 122 miles running the JD jetting kit. If you are heading for the desert, get a bigger tank. For general trail riding with the stock tank at "cruising" speeds, count on 60 miles before reserve. Again, one mans "cruising" is another mans poking along.

Cheers, Pete

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