pit bike...

any body have any ideas on what would be the best for a pit bike. I was looking at a klx 110 but they are fairly pricey and after buying a kxf...dont have that much $$$ anymore... I am also looking very hard at a new crf 50 or 70 but am a die hard fan of kawi and would like to keep it that way...what do you think??

I have also seen many minis that have after maket swing arms and stuff from bbr and such but they have all been applied to a xr or crf...never a kxd or drz ond stuff. its sounding like a crf is the way to go but i guess i might be a little too brand loyal....any suggestions? thanx in advance.


KLX110's are a lot of fun. I would not part with mine. They don't look like much, but they are plenty powerful and there is a ton of aftermarket stuff for them. I have been known to preride cross-country tracks on my little green monster :)

Im with you Limpy,GREEN is the only way to go! I own a 2004 kx250f, 2003 zx6rr,a 2003 kfx 400(atv) :D:) and I even changed the plastic on my 2003 xr50 to GREEN! the only one is not is my 1985 atc70(must stay red to be original)

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