Powder coating a TTR125L swingarm

Has anyone done this. I have my sons bike apart and the swingarm is all scratched up and there was some rust under the chainslide :D. I sanded it off and ofcourse it left bare metal spots. I was going to prime,paint and clearcoat it but seams that by the time I am done I will be 1/2 - 2/3 the cost of powdercoating it :). Has anyone changed the color of the swingarm from silver? I was thinking Black would look pretty trick but will show the scratches and dings more :D.Tanks for any input :D!

Smoke :D

Powder coating can be a bit hard and difficult to repair when scratched or you have to fix the frame. They look good though. Minor cracks in the frame can also be hidden under the powder coat so IMO for a TTR I dont think its a good idea as you cant check it out easily. Wonder Warthog has a nickled frame. Very nice!

Swing arm on a TTR is steel, on the E start aluminum. You could get the alum one anodised. If you dont mod his bike too much or wont have it for too long think about keeping it looking "stock" for resale

I use PJ1 frame paint to keep the TTR looking good. Its cheap and easy to use. I dont prime undercoat etc. Just clean metal and a number of light coats to get the colour depth up.

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