XR250R is street legal-now i need 17 inch wheels

Hey-I would just like to say that I have a 1987 XR250R thar is fully restored with all ne wparts and recently got it street lega(well kinda) anyways-I want to put on 17inch wheels with dual sport tires so it will handle good on the street-I have seen xr400 super motos with ninja wheels on them like from 250's and 500's-if anyone knows anything about this help me out!!-I can get the wheels but i'm sure you would need spacers and ect.thansk a lot


Well, your best bet is to send your stock hubs off your wheels to Buchanans and have them build some 17"s around them. It'll be hard to match up the stuff on a bike that old otherwise.

Buchanan Spokes are very clever.. they need the hub model and so on and the dia and width of the rim, they will tell you exactly what you need. I converted a xr200 from 17 to 18", these guys are aces when it comes to spokes.


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