Was wondering if anyone knows what's up in Cheyenne? Are they getting close to finding a new spot for a track? Are there any other places to ride there now?

My kids and grandkids live there and used to take my bike when we visited and get a couple of hours of riding before the track closed.

Damn hadn't heard they closed that track. Last time I was there was an SRAC race 3 years ago and I knocked myself out for a couple of minutes. Lost about 2 hours of that day, guess I was awake and talking but I don't remember it. I was hoping to go back someday and shake those gremlins.

Yep, they were going to close the track. Because of the flight right-of-way it couldn't be developed for housing but, I guess they wanted to expand the golf course on to the property where the track is. Plans were to build a new track just east of town. I'm not sure of the current status but I know that Cheyenne is in the SRAC schedule. :)

There's nothing left of the track now - scrapers and dozers have completely changed the landscape there. Was neat that there was a track right in town, but now Cheyenne is like every other city in that respect (think Rock Springs still has one at the fairgrounds). Think when Dusty (great rider and nice guy)was killed there, that was the beginning of the end for it.

I'd didn't particularly like the track because of the cement like quality of the dirt and the rocks, but it was still nice to have a riding area.

Think the Cheyenne cycle club has tried to obtain a few other locations, but been shot down on each one. They're a dedicated group though and heard they're still looking.

Noise is starting to be a problem in some areas (read a interview by Pastrana saying he gotten past the hurdles to have a riding area on his property, but then when his 4 stroke friends came to ride, he's getting flack from his neighbors and government agency there again because of the noise).

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