CRF Stalling after jumping and whoops

I was in Glamis the other weekend, and every time I would jump (nothing crazy) or hit the whoops, my bike would stall. I have not changed anything. The interesting thing is, when it stalls, the throttle seams to get stuck halfway. It seams the slider is getting stuck, but in a strait away everything works fine. I traced the throttle cable and everything seam fine and cleaned the throttle tube. I will take the carb apart, but has anyone else seen this or have any ideas?


Yes, my 04 did the same exact thing and was frustrating. Played with the fuel screw but didn't have any other jets at the time. It didn't help much. I installed the JD jetting kit and fiddled with it and it doesn't cough and die on jumps and sharp 180 turns anymore. The added bonuses are crisp response and a bit more power with the kit.

The weird thing is, I probably have at least 100 hours on the bike and this has never happened...

Sounds like maybe your carb float is out of adjustment.

I was thinking the float too but why would that affect the slide?

Might sound stupid, but check all the overflow tubes hanging out the bottom for being clogged up. It does sound like a float issue but the throttle sticking makes that sound fishy. :)

Check your kill switch first, then all the CDI connections and the spark plug cap, then go for the float.

that was happening on my 03....turns out..there was a short in the kill button...i pulled the wire apart....ran perfect..

I too am having the same problem with my bike (04) bogging when I land from a seems like the bike is running out of gas. It used to run great then one day it started doing this. I have tried the P-38 mod, cleaned out the carb, tried racehas helped. I am going to take it in and have them check the float level to see if it is out of adjustiment.

The wierd thing is that I am also having a problem with my kill switch not working right...I never dreamed that could be the source these problems.

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