Cannondale S440

I am selling my Cannondale S440 that I raced at the opener of the AMA at Laguna. The bike is premo! SBM 450 kit lowered ohlins suspension, trick BRP tripple clamps, Maxis tires, GPR stabiliser, 320 wave rotor, brembo caliper and master cyln. This thing hauls and handels, and looks great. It has all the goodies. The first reasonable offer takes it.



may i ask what "neigborhood" you consider "reasonable"???? like to know too!!!!

If I had to guess with that South Bay 450 kit and the other stuff he mentioned, I would say between 6500 to 7000. I could be off though. he'll have to tell you for himself.

Actually, I am considering about $5500 to be quite reasonable. I do have quite a bit invested:

1.Engine = $4000

2.Bike = $4000

3.BRP Tripple Clamps = $400

4.Brakes, Tires, Wheels = $1800

5.Cosmetics = $300

6.Bars, Stabilizer = $500

7.Suspension = $600

Almost $12,000 invested, but of corse you cant sell it for that. I was trying to get $7000 but I need to liqudate my investment to move on to new projects. She is a great bike and has served her purpose to our company.

We are focusing on Yamies and Hondas now and would like to use this bike to fund our R&D for the new projects on our plate. :)

How does that 450 motor stand up to the CRF's and YZF's? My S440 is much slower than my CRF because of the weight difference. Do you have any idea what the stock HP numbers are compared to the 450 kit?

Aprox 33% increase. I have the engine dyno tested at 59.7 hp with 37.7 ft lb of tq at the rear wheel. The CRF, yamie, KTM, stock w/ pipe, could not keep up. I didn't do so good but my friend Doug Nichols won the SB round at the Queen Mary on it. He went to a Honda after to compare and said he liket the dale better. :)

Would you consider 5k shipped to Colorado?

I'd do this right away.........

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