chain tool

what chain breaking tool should i buy that is compact enough to carry with me? also, do you carry a few master links just in case?

why do you need to carry it with you? I hate those things i just grin the link flat put it in a vise and tap it out with a punch.

You carry a grinder, vise and punch with you on rides? Dude I'm riding with you! :)

For aftermarket chains with a splitlink (masterlink), carry a small pair of vice grips to press the spare link on.

Alternatively you could make a "get you home link" by pre-drilling the sideplate so it just slides on easy then add the clip and go.

I had one of those made up and clipped it to the clutch cable on my old KDX, never used it, sold the bike to a friend, its still on the bike, rusted some but still there :)

I have the folding motionpro, it works good, small enough to throw in a pack

with a master link. I didnt get the press, vice grips or channel locks will work

for pressing, although the press may make things a bit easier & faster in the long run.

:):D :lol:we must be talking about something different i can't for the life of me think of why anyone would need to carry a chainbreaker with them on the trail

oh wait duh if you break a chain you can remove the broken link right? i guess im lucky i've never broken a chain i always replace them sooner than i probably have to.

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