I need help! 2003 yz450f

I just got a 2003 yz450f in a trade. Looks sick and that got me to do a bad thing. I traded a ktm for a yamaha. When the guy brought it he took it out and started it. Its the middle of winter only 10 degrees outaide. It took him a couple 6 kicks. I didn't think much of it because its cold outside. The next day I went out to start it. It fired after 3 kicks not to bad. But a couple days later I was showing it off to my friends by just letting it run. First kick it started to fire then just shut off. Since then can't get it going. We bump started it but it wouldn't run right and died low rpm. We cleaned the carb checked valves. I did a compression test. Only read 30psi! Then did a wet compression test it doubled to 60. I don't know what it could be. Please help and let me know what you think . Also the decompression lever isn't hooked up and there is a wire that is completly fraied going into the bottom of the motor. Please help!

I think the first thing I would do is pull the valve cover and check the timing chain marks.  Until you find the problem, I wouldn't start it.  If the chain has jumped a tooth or two, it is capable of jumping further and bending valves and or destroying the entire engine.


Not sure, but the frayed wire may be the wire that sends a signal to the ignition box, that let's it know that you're in neutral or first gear.


Maybe someone can chime in to verify about the frayed wire.

2003's shouldn't have a compression release lever - they have auto compression releases. I'm guessing you might be talking about the hot start lever. I'm guessing the wire you're talking about is the neutral switch as previously mentioned. Seems like I read on here all it does is set a different rpm limit for neutral. All it does is complete a circuit to ground when in neutral so it's not like it's shorted and keeping it from cranking. I didn't see a spec on cranking compression and I guess it would be pretty low with auto decompression. However as previously mentioned a quick look under the valve cover would be good. Did you change the plug? After a couple of cold starts without getting it hot it's a possibility and a cheap try. Clay

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Mine did something of the sort o few weeks ago, Mine has always been a two kick start, after just riding it a few day prior I tried to start it and it would not start for the life of me, had to get a quad.. to pull me while dropped the clutch and still took dang near an eigth mile on pavement, I had to adjust my fuel screw because it had become somewhat loose, so 1 half turns out and then she fired up let it idle for a bit killed it and has started first kick every time. the hot start plunger on the carb itself and little boot can get stuck a bit open if you have messed with the carb by twisting it. The wire wont make a difference on starting. I agree with the above ost tho check the chain and marks make sure you dont mess up the valves.

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