hydralic clutch

has anyone had to bleed the magura unit yet? does anyone know the best way to do it. it's on an 03 yzf450. i can't figure it out.

I do not have one of these but if it is anything like a lot of the newer style hydrualic brakes it's pretty simple. Take the cap off and slowly pull in the lever and quickly let go of it so that it snaps back. Do this a couple of times till the bubles stop. Hope that helps.

you need to take off the slave remove the banjo bolt fill a syringe with magura blood or atf works not DOT brake fluid pull rod out while injecting oil in it now fill syringe again inject oil up the hose till the master is full now re attach hose lower than master and allow air bubbles to flow upwards naturally if you need more help http://www.magurausa.com/forms/contact_mc.html

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