Interchangeable cases for 06 Yz450f

I have been trying to figure this out for some time and I keep getting a different answer every where I go/or read.

I have a 2006 yz450f, I recently snapped my hub and the chain got tangle up in the front sprocket and broke the case where the clutch actuator goes in. What my question is are, What are years that will interchange with that case? Only 06-09 yz450? Will WR450 cases interchange?

I read that in yamahas part number,(xx-xxxxx-xx-xx), the first two represent the model it was used on, the middle 5 are the "actual" part number, the next two are the design, and last 2 are the color/finish. And they said that if the middle 5 are the same it is interchangeable. But I have found that 04-14yz450f, 04-14 wr450, and even some yfz450 case have matching middle 5 numbers and that just doesn't sound right to me.

Thank and any help/advise would be appreciated!

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The "middle 5" are the same for the crankcases of a YZ250F and for a 1300cc FJR, too, but I don't think they will interchange.  The middle 5 characters are the "basic part".  In this case, it's 15100, a crankcase assembly. 


'06-'09 YZ450F and '07-'10 WR450F crankcases should be functionally interchangeable.  Don't use a mismatched set.



Would I have to have the complete assembly, as in all the guts from the WR as well...crank, transmission, stator, engine gear, etc, or will my tranny and crank and everything else bolt up to the WR case?



As I said, the WR cases listed are functionally interchangeable.  All your stuff should work without a glitch.  You'll be much less likely to find a set of WR cases than the YZ's, though, since a great deal fewer were ever sold.

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