Pilot Screw and Red Hot Exhaust?

While taking out the pilot I lost count of the number of turns to bottom it, so I just put it at the same alignment (could be off by a 1/2 turn). When I put the bike back together for the first time the exhaust header glowed red in 30 seconds. This is a first for me. Could it be due to a too rich mixture because the pilot is in the wrong position?

If it runs good then the pilot is good. Some people adjust the pilot ever time they ride .The glowing header is normal. Do a search or look at the new owners section for more info. Its been discussed often. :)

Is it really that hard to count 1 - 5/8 turns? :)


check out the post at the top of the thread list entitled "NEW OWNERS PLEASE READ", and then check out the 250F FAQ (link in my sig).

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

A rich condition would make your engine run cooler not hotter - but I doubt you have a problem at all.

I would experiment with your fuel screw some to find where the motor has the most snap off of idle. My fuel screw was NOT set at the optimum point, changing it made a big difference in snap and starting.

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