yz 426/00

my bike over heats when i trail ride any help on what to do to fix my problum.

"Water Wetter" works too. Remember that the water provides the cooling, the antifreeze just raises the boiling point and lowers the freezing point. So make sure your not running more than 50% antifreeze in the radiator. A higher pressure radiator cap may also help...

Do you have any type of after market radiator gaurds? Some of these like the duvall can seriously reduce air flow thru the radiators. If you do you can take a dremmel and cut out every other section to allow more air in.

There could be more of an issue then simply changing the coolant, although it is a good start.

You could have a bad pressure cap, a blown gasket, cracked head or cylinder or maybe the impeller is going bad.

Have you noticed any coolant in the oil, you can tell by smell as well as the oil would start to become milky.

Bring your bike down to a radiator shop and have them test the cap and the system for pressure leaks, may cost you a few bucks.

Check your compression in the bike, check make sure no visible signs of leakage.

I have a 2000 I use a mixture of 50/50 Coolant and Distilled water. I have never over heated the bike.

two last things, dont over fill the radiator. :)

and as stated above, make sure the air flow is good and the fins in the rads are not crushed. Using a small flat head screw drive "CAREFULLY" can correct this.

How are you determining that you're overheating?

thanx for all the help i do have devol gaurds iwill try to open up the holes. thanx again

thanx for the help

If everything checks out o.k. with your engine and cooling system, you can also see some benefits by running "Engine Ice" coolant and I've also had good results with the "Boysen" water pump impeller.

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