stalling at operating temperature

g'day, i recently rebuilt and rejetted the carb on my 01 wr426. everything is open and i'm at 48 pj and 168 mj running alright, i was having trouble starting it till i went like a quarter turn out with the ps, but now that it's running,when at operating temperature or a little hot it starts to die when left to idle, do i need to come out  with the ps?

Don't know what a PS is. Do you mean fuel screw?


Read the pinned post  at the top of the jetting forum on how to adjust your fuel screw.

 48 pilot jet is too big, because you have your idle too high to start with.

yeah fuel screw, i've had the 45 in and i was 3.5 turns out and still couldn't kick the bastard over. so yeah my concern is that there seems to be a small window of the 48 and fuel screw combination (i'm 1/4 turns out from fully seating the screw) in which the bike will start, but it stalls out during idle when it's hot, is this an indication of too rich? anyway thanks for the response i'll put the 45 in tomorrow and see what i can do.  

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Clean the pilot circuit (tiny hole above pilot jet).  Mine was doing the same thing.  Hole was partially clogged. 

By ps, do you mean petrol screw?  It's called a fuel screw here.  


fuel screw out one turn

start bike

lower idle as low a possible

raise idle with fuel screw

If it goes to high, lower it again with idle screw

repeat to get 1900 rpm

If you are less than one turn or more than 2 you need to put in a smaller/larger pilot

If you hot start and choke plungers are not clean and lubed you will be lean/rich


If you are unable to start your bike with a 45, you have other issues.

You should not be kicking this bike to start it, use the estart

it doesn't have an estart. the hot start and choke plungers appear to function as normal. so i can't be certain whether the idle and FUEL screw combination were with it when i put the 45 pj in last time. anyway i'll stick it in today, try a myriad of combinations along with kicking the buggery out of it and fingers crossed it starts and then i'll fine tune the idle. again cheers for the response, i'm sure you feel like you've been repeating yourself for over a decade concerning this bike or this carb>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. BIKE IS SORTED. koolaid a thousand blessings. i'd been buggerising around with that thing trying to get it dialed in. and hopefully the final hurdle has been cleared

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PS = Pilot Screw



pilot screw, that's what i was going for. but i've been re-educated and the words pilot and screw will never leave my mouth unless i'm talking about a pilot &%$#@!ing someone

You should not be kicking this bike to start it, use the estart

Even it it did have an estart, why shouldn't you kick it?

Saves running the battery flat

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