I have a question about rear fender and fork decals. Are the stikcers universal or does the year matter. I know the size of the bike matters, but not sure of the year. I don't like kxf graphics that factory fx or one have, but I do like the 98-03 years. So will those fit?

not likely because of the simple fact that the kxf has the whale fenders. they might fit width wise but they will be way too short length wise...hope this helps... :)

KXF wasn't made in 98-03. 04 is first model. These bikes share no parts with the 2 stroke KX's Guards are a different shape. KX fender stickers may be able to be used with some mods but length would be too short i'm guessing. Best just go with correct ones or make your own with individual stickers and cover with scuff proof. Good luck.

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