Front brake upgrade

Been wanting to upgrade the front brake on my 09, and I know an oversize rotor kit is the way to go. I like the Braking batfly kit, but it's expensive...there are other parts I should put that $ towards right now. The pads do need replacing, so I ordered Braking cm46 sintered pads. Before I put them on, would it be worth getting a stock size aftermarket rotor as well? Would that make a difference ....or I can just wait and get the oversize rotor another time.

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The oversize rotor does make a difference! I went to the 270mm on my bike and I'd say 25% more stopping power. Look on eBay. Got mine for $200 with pads and standoff bracket for caliper. There is also a 300mm available but I'd be careful on what terrain you ride with it because the disk guard won't fit back on it. Twist the disk on a rock your right over the bars.

I would just wait and get the unit you want. An aftermarket stock size rotar may work better but it would be only slightly. I believe they are more designed for better cooling which would in the end keep braking constant over longer moto's. I could be wrong, but that's my look on it.

The only thing that aftermarket standard size rotors offer is a replacement for a damaged stocker, and a different look.  Some of them may be less expensive than stock, but that's it.  Some are made from carbon steel rather than the OEM stainless steel, and carbon steel does produce a small amount more stopping power, but it also rusts easily.

Tusk oversized rotor from rockymountain is only 120 and helps for sure

Looking for the up grade myself on my 09....

Does the tusk over size rotor really help?

What else is needed? Over size pads?

Thank you.

The oversize rotor kits come with a bigger caliper bracket to fit the larger rotor. Most use stock pads but some kits come with pads.

Which oversize rotor kit ya recommend, and from where?


Tusk from Rocky Mountain ATVMC.\




Nothing else needed. Bolt it on and be prepared to stop. I'm using it on a 2011 with stock pads. 

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I bought the Tusk oversized rotor and I am pretty happy with it. Of all the upgrades I bought over the last few years, the Tusk brake is about the best. No, I am not a cheapskate. I figured a rotor is a rotor and it is definitely better than stock size.

Another plug for the Tusk kit. Cheaper than the rest, nicely machined, easy to install, and a great improvement in braking performance. Very noticeable on the heavier WR - should make a huge difference on the lighter YZ.

Ordered the Tusk kit today from RMATV....

Thanks for all your help!

I think I might just order the Tusk rotor too. Does anyone have pictures of it on their bike?

Here ya go.

All you get is the rotor and offset caliper piece.





Rotor came in today from RMATV.... $119.00 shipped.

Installed it and WOW! This is what Yamaha should have done!

$$$$ well spent, great up grade for my 09 YZ450F.

Thanks all for the help.

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