how many ride caregie?

jsut wondering how many ppl ride at carnegie....ive jsut started riding but that is the closest to my home. i would like to meet some other memebers sometime.

A group of us might be there this saturday 10th. All difernt levels and expericance....

I ride Carnegie, would be interested in riding together sometime, this weekend am planning on Mammoth bar, another weekend perhaps. :)

Mammoth Bar, where is that?

Mr Gadget,

You can get to Mammoth Bar this way:

The entrance to Mammoth Bar is located on Old Foresthill Road. The easiest access is off of Interstate 80 north of Auburn. Take the Foresthill exit off I-80 and go east about 2.5 miles to the Old Foresthill Road. Turn right on Old Foresthill and the entrance is about 1.5 miles on the left.

See more info here : Mammoth Bar


Hollister Hills is down a few miles as well about an 1.5 hour drive for you. Great place to camp and have fun. Lots of people ride the hills that are from TT

Mark your calander as well May 2004 Memorial Weekend May 28th to the 31st

Forrest Hill 3rd annual West Coast Thumpertalk Ride :)

I live near Carnegie and ride it about once a week. I have other plans this weekend but I'd be glad to show you around the place.

PM me if you want to take the tour. :)

I ride Carnegie now and then, but haven't been since the weekend of the hillclimbs.

If they would make the MX track a little more challenging I would be riding there more frequently. The trails alone aren't enough of a reason to drive down there. CC Camp is closer than Carnegie for me, and is huge in comparison. Lots of good trails up there.

if the weather is good im going to ride @ carnegie on the 10th of january......i have a silver and black 90 ford pick-up stop by if u see me

We will be going tomarrow(Sunday). We are in a charcoal grey 2000 chevy Silverado, with two Yamahas and a little Kawi in the back. :)


Sorry we missed you. I didnt check the forum Friday.

Once that fog lifted it wasnt bad, could not ask for better conditions. There were nine of us Saturday. We were parked behind the store. I drive a green 72Chevy 4x4. I'll let you know the next time we go out there. By the way, I'm going to Clear Creek for the weekend Jan 17-18.

More than welcome to meet us out there, or anyone else for that matter.

I ride there. It is one of the closer places for me to ride.

If you are looking for people to ride with, check here or SFDirtBikes There are about 381 members of various abilities.

Yesterday, I rode Middle Creek with one member and one SFdirtBikes member.

Thats cool you just started riding. there is usually a group of us that go a lot like every weekend. usually me my brother and sister-in-law and some of there friends. sometimes like 6-10 of us I will try to post before we go next weekend. maybe we can set something up ca :cheers:up. :D :D :)

:cheers:We went to carnagie yesterday is was great. Me my brother-in-law and sister-in-law(mxchic)we had a great time it was still tacky from the rain. but some of the trails were drying up. getting a little dust even. but we had a blast.good job climbing that hill mxchic. :D :D :)

I ride Carnegie and Hollister Hills. I live in Livermore so Carnegie is 20 minutes from home.

Email next time you ride.

I live in Tracy and have a Firefighers schedule. I don't like riding there on the weekends but I will occasionally.

what city do u live in because i live in tracy and i live 10 minutes away from carnigie and have done like every trail at carnigie :usa: :usa: :):D :D :D :D :D :D :usa: :usa:

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