March 7th Hare scramble at the Rocket

March 7th marks the date of the first Hare Scamble at the rocket. How many of you guys are going to come? I'll be there :)


but will you be racing? lol...sounds like fun...odds are i'll be there(racing of course:) :)

hey Bill

I see on district 7 and on the ecea schedule it lists this race on the 14th of march and the raceways site as the 7th do you know which on it is ???

The brp is just waiting to get out of the barn again!!

I plan on racing this one and hope I can drag at least 2 guys with me.


I plan on being there and racing. This will be my 1st harescramble so it should be interesting.

Are they they using the course that was marked out last fall?

I'll confirm the date with Mark but, he's told me several times.....the 7th. And yes, I'll be racing (250C). And yes it'll be a modified version of the existing course.



PM me your phone number and I'll let you know when I go up for some practice. You could ride up w/me


You coming???

red tractor, Mark from Rocket here. I jumped the gun when i posted the date for the Snowball. The correct date is March 7.

Bill -

I will be there! I guess it is definitely time to get my autodecomp cam installed...

March 7th... sounds like snow :)

i know one thing...that hill after the creek is gonna be a yard sale...LMAO!

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