Passed my CA. DMV M/C driving test today!!!

I know it doesn't sound like much, but, for a guy that has only been dirt riding for 38yrs. and taking the test on my DRZ-400S (I'm only 5-08) that little white stripped circle wasn't all that easy to get around. :)

tell me about it. The dmv guy made me do it 3 times. Each time he said I failed, then he just looked at me and said you came too early , you need more practice. Then he said take this paper work to the window. When i got there the lady said I PASSED. damn DMV prick! had me all scared

what is it they are trying to test? to see if you can clutch it then coast then clutch it again cause you ain't goin to stay in the circle if you give it any gas.

Can you imagine doing that ride test on a big ole harley?

some poor fourty something like me buys a new $20k harley soft tail and then he can even pass the circle test for his m1......Some dunderheaded CHP officer probaby invented that test back in 1949 to test motorcycle cop's abilities to give out parking meter tickets and not drop their state provided motocycle.

I'm not mister smart rider so maybe I'm wrong but can anyone tell me the value of that circle jerk DMV ride test.

I think staight line braking using both front and back brakes together is a far more important a basic skill to test. The DMV paper test and manual is a good thing. it does teach good riding technique and tests you on that, But the manual never said anything about that stiupid dipswitch circle test. Maybe some ole pasadena rose parade marshall made the test up for the DMV :)

I tried to take the test in 1978 on a 66 Harley FL. The problem I had was convincing them that the bike didn't come with turn signals. (It had to be a legal bike) They didn't believe me so I ended up borrowing my best friends bike. A 1977 Electra Glide that I had never ridden.

I'm not sure if the test is the same as in 1978 or not. But it was doable back then.


Congratulations on passing! :) I know how you feel.

I had about 1200 off-road miles before I tried to pass the CA test, and it was still very hard to do. A guy at the DMV saw me practicing, came over, and had me try the test. I failed (put a foot down). I practiced another 30 minutes, and he came over and passed me without having to do the whole test(about 1/2). This was in Vista. I can't imagine a hog ever doing the 1' wide Key. It really helped to slide way forward on the tank.

A guy i work with has a road king and he rented a moped to take the test! I have to do the same next but with the drz.

You guy are real confidence builders I took the written 1 1/2 yrs ago and chickened out on the skills test. Just retook the written again last week. Now I still have to drive that #%^$^ circle and my DRZ400S has 3000 miles on it.

Not looking forward to it....

Repeat after me

"I can do this, no problem

I have the skills

I can do this, NO problem"

Repeat as needed.

IF you get on a knarly trail you'll need this mind set, so keep practicing.


sit up close to the bars, clutch out to get movement then clutch in and coast then clutch out again a moment to get gear moving then cluch in and coast do this dance SLOWLY never let foot down even if front tire goes out of circle

out of circle is bad but foot down is worse. the trick is going super slow while still maintaining balance nad stearing around that damn circle

What is this dreaded circle thing,

What is this dreaded circle thing,

It's a painted circle on the ground with two white lines. The inner circle's diamter is no larger then about maybe 15'feet. Wrapped around that is a 17' diameter white stripe circle. You have to ride within the two white lines in this round 2'wide lane created by the two white cirles AND you can not touch the ground or stop. You have to ride around it twice. It's such a small circle that is makes it real hard to do.

It's basically like riding around your living room with out stopping or touching your foot to the ground AND WITHOUT the bike's tires going out side the two white lines in in the case of your living room dont touch the sofa, TV, chair or dog. :)

aw, the good ol' times..

actually when i took the test i had to do it on either a ducati 900ss or a 900cc bmw.. (only bikes i could borrow at the time) the ducati didnt have a tight enough turning radius to make the circle so the big fat beemer was the one.. :D

where i took the test there were two circles connected by a straight line. you had to ride around the circle, through the straight part to the other circle, around that, back.. etc. thinking back it seems like it was 5 times but im sure it was only 2 or so.

so the test finished up on the little straight between the circles and as i was coming off the last circle into this straight i started losing my balance.. i realized my only chance was to get to the line as quick as possible so i gunned it! i stayed between the lines but crossed the finish hanging off the side of the bike and one leg up in the air for balance.. and still accelerating off into another part of the parking lot..

the tester just shook his head and laughed.. but passed me! :)


A guy i work with has a road king and he rented a moped to take the test! I have to do the same next but with the drz.

HAHA, sounds like me... I had a GSXR750 and tried and tried but couldn't do it, I came back the next day with a borrowed Vespa (I'm 6-3 240 on a friggen Vespa) I had a 1/2 helmet, and the bike was pink w/tassles (I'll have to look for pics my wife took) The girl I borrowed it from said I could borrow it ONLY if I wore a tanktop with a rainbow on it :D Well, I did and I passed the first time, I had 4 DMV testers watching me, ALL laughing and 1 even wanted to take my pic, I declined.... I even rode it home 25 miles for my victory lap :)

congrats :D

i had to take the california motorcycle saftey course because the air force requires it, but they teach you all the tricks for passing the tests. they give you the test at the end and when you pass you automatically have your license. it was horrible, i had to take two days off work (with pay) and ride my motorcyle all day :)

the trick to passing the circles is not natural to dirt bike riders. when going slow we tend to look stright at the ground in front of where we are, so you tend to look at the line while in the circle. you need to turn you head and look all the back at the other side of the circle. it feels strange, but you will ride right around the circle no problem over and over again. use the same technique as in high speed corners, you look as far around the corner as possible, you don't look down at the ground.

Thank You , That may help

Tennessee's driving test is EASY!

The written part is pretty dang tough! I mean TOUGH! They ask what part of the right lane, left lane middle lane you should ride in for a miriad of situations. They didn't offer : "on the shoulder, throwing roost"!! :)

Try keeping the clutch out,revs up a little and drag the back brake to keep you slow enough.Takes a little practice but this made it easier for me.Look through the turn as stated above and also counterweight the bike.( lean off outside of bike slightly while making tight turns.)

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