New owner of an 08 YZ450!

So excited for riding season!!!  I just picked up a nice 08 YZ450 in great condition.  It looks like it only needs a little TLC and small parts.


My last bike was an 89 CR 250 2 this should be quite the difference.


Anyone suggest the "must" upgrades?  The bike laready has a slip-on.  Ill be changing the air filter, oil, plugs, tires, chain and sprokets.

My buddy has the 08 and loves it. The motors more of a smooth roll on power but you can put the 06 cams in it and really wake it up

That won't wake it up as much as the '06 CDI will.  Leave the cams, get the black box. 


On the other hand, if you like the way it runs, why bother?

I guess I will wait until I start ridiing it (winter here right now) and then decide after that...  I'm going to start by making it "pretty"  :)

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