how much

how much could i get for my 03 wr450 with only 220 miles on it?

How come you want to sell it??? :)

im j/w how much i could get for it

Here in the San Francisco area they seem to be going for $5k-$5500. I've also seen 1 that was $4800.Where do you live? Check and see if any are for sale in your area to get a better idea. :)

I would wait a bit and put the '04 starter gears on it. Unfortunately (because of Yamaha's F***up with the starter gears) people are not going to be lining up for the '03. I bought my new '04 for $5500 about a month ago, and some guy was trying to sell his used '03 for the same price. You do the math. I think you might have to discount the price of a starter update to sell the bike.

Basicallly the bikes are the same and should only be discounted for use. I'm not trying to piss the '03 owners off. These are just my observations while I was in the market for a bike a couple of months ago. I was looking into buying a '03 and would of bought it if there weren't so many reports of the same exact problem on this forum. From a buyers point of view I just couldn't ignore the facts and would of rather gone with a different brand if there was no change for 04.

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