what front tire for the sand...

gonna go with the kings turbo paddle for the rear, seems like everyone likes it the best. Whats a good tire to use in front, a deathwing maybe?


I have rode a little sand with a deathwing front and it realy didnt do too bad, :)

Deathwing with a paddle ? Are you carzy? Dunlop 773!

the 773 is an awesome front tire, definitly has some grip in the soft stuff. -jamie

Deathwing with a paddle ? Are you carzy? Dunlop 773!

Sometimes I am a little nuts.

I had a mt21 on the rear,and a deathwing on front,had rode bike over 300 miles from home so changing front tire wasnt a option.the deathwing did as well as anything else the other guys was running. :)

really for sand though, you wouldn't want a really knobby tire, right?

I realy wouldnt recommend to use or not to use a DW on front in deep sand,just saying it wasnt any worse than a lot of other tires in deep bottom less sand.

There is some special sand tires out there that probly work great I dont ride dunes often enough to buy a special front so I run whatever is on front at the time.

I was looking at a regular dune front tire at a shop at edge of dunes it was just a bald narrow tire with 3 skinney ribs,talking to the shop owner he said some guys realy like them and some pull them back off after just a few minutes.

In that deep sand the front knifes in when you turn anyway and I turn by sliding back around so whatever is on front works for me.. :)

The 773 or s12 cuts and holds the front in deep sand you can turn much better than the dw that wants to wander if you get any speed up which you need in the sand. I ride desert sand almost all the time.


Do you know anything about those ribbed fronts,I was tempted to get one they was fairly cheap but the ones I was looking at was awfull narrow I figgured it would be a little tough to keep them on top of sand on a heavy DRZ400S.

I have run mt21,dunlop 606 and TW fronts in deep sand the 21 and tw worked about the same the 606 was just plain scairy for me.

S12 or MT44

If you can get an S12 great, if not Pirelli MT44 :)

Ribbed tire are for dune rideing only any other terrain the tires would be hell in the dirt.

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