Ice on crank case breather hose

Breather hose is clumping with ice and snow. I want to re route it can I use a couple 90 degree elbows on it? Where is the best place on the airbox to drill a hole? How big is the inner diameter of the hose? I do not have the bike at my house it's out in the country in the in-laws garage or else I would take a peek. Will I need a extra chunk of hose? I'd like to grab afew things that I might need before I head there this weekend. Or dose anyone have any ideas where else to route it too. My bike only spits up a small amount from my breather tube from time if it's wet out or snowy. I want to get it set up sunday morning before a ride we have planned I don't want it to ice up. I'll be the only studded up dirt bike with a afew sleds and quads. I know about all the other threads on this iv read them but had un answered questions

Or I'll just use a T and run a 2nd line to the airbox around where the valve cover meets the head. Looks like the best place? for "backup" that way oil will still go straight down for the most part. Sorry if this was brought up too many times I was just looking for afew different approaches. And I don't think it would have enough vaccum to suck up snow, water or dirt this way eaither??

At one time  Yamaha had a kit to run it into the filtered side of the airbox, might look into that.

I'll take look thanks.

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