Does the link to my pics work?

I finally put up some pics with the new camera we got for Christmas. Was just checking to see if anyone else could get into the link. Thanks Corey for helphing me out. Now I just have to figure out how to get the pic in the avatar worked out. :)

<font color="navy">It sort of works. I can see one picture, but then it says, "You Must Sign In to View This Album." Is there a way to make the album public without requiring someone to sign in to imagestation? If not, you might try Yahoo or some other tool that allows public viewing without requiring an account...

it's asking for a password :)

Ok. Thanks guys I will try Yahoo. :)

How about now? I had messed up and entered a password when I set up the album it should work now. :)

Awesome pictures! Post more if you get a chance,


yea those pics are awesome!! Wich part of Arkansas do you ride in?

Yea sweet pics. :):D Smokin and I need to go out and take some pics of our trail rides while we are waiting for our buds getting unstuck and catching up on there atv's. What part of arkansas are you from?

The pics were taken at Wilburn. It is very close to Heber Springs. We ride Mocassin Gap,Wolf Pen Gap, and Wilburn. I would like to get up to Froche Mountain and ride. I have seen pics from there and heard lots of good things about the place. Do ya'll trail ride much or mainly race? There are a bunch of trails in the Northwest corner of Ar,right? I live in West Memphis wich is just across form Memphis,Tn.

Yea we ride trails!! The main places we have been is the RFGP and i will give you some adice... Never ride with people on fourwheelers taht suck!! that gets boring!! lol i think youngun knows who im talking about lol... But i have heard about some mountains that my dad wants to take me too.. but sorry dont really know what mountains lol..

Actully smokin250 and I live down in the river valley. The mountain hes talking about it prob. Whiterock. Never ride with people who suck at riding quads through the trails. Holy crap that sucks.

haha yea!! i dont really know where those mountains are?? My dad always says we are gonna go there but he hasnt yet!! And if i go to white rock i would prob. end up with a crappy warrior!! lol

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