anyone know about CERA

Is anyone familiar with the California Enduro Riders Association (CERA)? Is this a club open to any dirtbike enthusiast? Like me, a thirtysomthin dirtbike newbie?

Here is their website . I have been in a couple of their races and all the people i dealt with were great people.

They have a meeting coming up on Tuesday January 13, 2004 at Sizzler in Newark, exit 880 at Mowry, go West, can't miss it.

The website say anyone can come.So if you can check it out :)Click Me <<This is the membership application.

Blue One,

CERA does have a nice web site and their meeting is close by. I'll prolly check them out.

I found them through the Dist. 36 site (nice), along with the Ghostriders-San Jose, and Valley Trail Riders-Livermore. Have you heard of either of them too?

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