What exhaust has the most hp for 2006 YZ450F?

I have a 2006 YZ450F and want to put aftermarket exhaust on it but want to make sure i get the best system and most horse power for my bike. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


I chose a Dr. D on my 450s. "Best" and "most power" are normally 2 different things. I went with Dr. D because it seemed to have good power increase as well as keeping the power manageable.

I went with Dr. D as well. Overall I found it great.

i've been hearing that dr.d is the way to go on my 450 a lot recently thanks guys. has anyone heard or know anything about the Barker Exhaust system for the yz450f? thats what i had on my yfz450 four wheeler and i thought it was awesome on that and they are pretty much the same motor but have never seen a barkers kit on a bike before so idk

also with that Dr.D did you guys buy the header and silencer or just the slip on kit?

DrD makes only full systems for the '06.  The stainless exhaust is a excellent value.  Spend $15 extra and get it with the spark arrestor.  It can be removed if you like, but it doesn't hurt power to leave it, and the $15 is a lot less than buying the kit to add on later.

A lot of people like that Dr. D I'm thinking that's what I'll go with. Thanks

also with that Dr.D did you guys buy the header and silencer or just the slip on kit?

Yeah it comes as a full kit. I bought just the bottom grade stainless/aluminum for my bike and raced with it for 2 years on 2 different bikes and really grew to love it. I would often ditch the DR. D header for the stocker because the DR. D header dipped down low and got in the way of the oil filter cover. I think I was having to loosen the header and rotate it up in order to get the top right screw for the cover. But either way loved the system and like stated it was a great value

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