XR/TTR Gold wheel set


Ordered from BBR and never used/laced at all. Couldn't use the front for my application so I ordered some excels and am now selling this set. Would like to get $200 shipped in the US as they retail for $250 plus shipping

I'm interested, but gotta check my finances!

Let me get back to you next week.


Are they the same as used on a CR80 Expert??

Phil, they are 19" and 16" 36 hole each, a cr 80 expert has 28 I think, and not sure on the rear. Plus the rear is narrower than expert. That is why I am selling them (the front wheel on a expert and big wheel kx are same). Now if you have a talon hub, the 36 hole will work. I am getting cr/kx rear excel 1.85 and kx big wheel front excel when I sell these. Probably hitting ebay real soon with them.

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