2011-2013 yz450 leftover

Found a couple leftovers in the 5900 out the door range. 2011-13. With the bad rep these bikes get im a bit hesitant, but as a long time yamaha rider im thinking ill get along with it fine.

Do they feel like a yamaha? Do most yz riders get along with them or are they really different even for those that bleed blue?

Just picked up a left over 13' a couple weeks ago myself! Coming off of an 06' 450 and could not be happier! Take some time and get the suspension/ride height/handlebar thing down and I bet you will like it! Only mods I have done so far are a Lexx slip on (seemed to open the nid-to top a little more), 49 tooth sprocket (from a 48) and took my Windham/RM mid-high bars of my 06 and slipped them on. Took me about an hour of hard riding to adapt to, but I ain't looking back!


Bought a left over 12 in 13. Love the bike. Made some mods to suite me and the type of riding I do (injectioneering TB modification, flywheel weight and engine relocate). Bike was very good before the mods. The mods made it perfect for me. I love it. Sounds like a pretty good price.

Sounds like the same mods id be considering, i dont need 450 type power i just want it. But the smoother and less abrupt and less tiring the better they all make way more power than i need i figure.

I'd say go for it. Took a chance on a leftover '11 and liked it so much I went with a leftover '12.  Just a few minor mods for your riding style and you will have no regrets (other than not working on it all the time because they're so darn reliable.) And no, I'm not an internet troll, just a lifelong Honda rider that went blue and am now hooked.

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