Dirt Rider Adventure

Sit down to watch Dirt Rider Adventure on OLN tonight and what's the show about? A road test on cruiser street bikes. Are the people who run this show idiots? I can see OLN management sitting back and wondering why this show isn't doing well in the ratings. Morons.

i just saw that. it literally took me the whole show to figure out what in the &%$#@! i was watching. :)

They do have the horse teeth bimbo on there though. :)

Well, you had to see it coming. They've become obsessed with the SuperMotard BS, which as far as I'm concerned is: 1) A bunch of has-been MXers trying to extend their careers, and 2) The aftermarket parts industry trying to sell us more junk. The next logical step from there is obviously full on street bikes. Dirt Rider my :)!

I noticed the same thing. Really pissed me off. :)

Hey man, your YZ looks totally wicked, one of the nicest ones I've seen yet :)! How do you like the Maxxis tire?..sorry it's off topic :D :D

I couldn't agree more...crap, crap and more crap. It is DIRT rider adventures, not motorcycle adventures.

I was waiting all day to see that and couldn't believe it. I thought I was watching Corbin's Ride On? :)

Thanks, I think it looks pretty cool as well... :D

I like the Maxxis, but it's kinda heavy. That being said, I'll probably buy another one when this one wears down (which will be a while :))

Yep got all excited to watch the show, rushed home just to find cruisers. :) Then did anyone see the stupid tech tip. Things to check if your bike won't start. They have the magic button and they still can't start there bikes. That's just sad, and Dirt Rider should be ashamed :D :D :D

Glad I didn't waste my time going over to a friend's house to catch it. It says "Dirt" right in the title. Get a clue. :)

AND...next week on DIRT RIDER ADVENTURE we'll be featuring

the Mauna Lau surf off and be tasting some of the local culunary delights.......

i like dirt rider as a magazine because they cover off-road stuff but you can tell it is a little flashy.

it's all about the chaaaaaaaa.......chinggggg!!! :)

I must have checked the channel 3 times to make sure that is was DRA and when it was about cruisers i turned it off.OLN and Speed channel SUCK :)

I was pretty pissed of too. Thought it was stupid that in the beginning she said "I know this is Dirt Rider Adventure but we're testing Street bikes" (Who Cares!!)

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