How do you know which way to set mounts?

I know the factory bar mounts have a 6mm offset,but the manual doesn't say which way is what.How can you tell if the offset is to the front or back,and is the top clamp of the barmount universal or does it have a certain way it goes on too?I see the dots on the mounts,so I know they need to face the same way,but which way? HELLLLLLLPPPPP :)

How can you tell if the offset is to the front or back,

Should be able to tell by looking at it. The lug is offset, meaning not in the center of the clamp. They come stock with the bars more forward.

The dot on the top part of the bar clamp goes forward.

Hope this answers your question?


I just am not seeing it. I understand how it would be offset,just don't see it.I do have the dot forward on the clamp. What is the benefit of the bar being more forward or back?Just rider,or does it do something else like easier turning,or 18 more horsepower.... :):D :D

I didn't think the 03 was reversible, just the 04. :)

The 03 is reversible. im looking at my mounts right now. But from factory, mine came in the pulled back position.

The manual says they are reversible by 6mm.Just wasn't sure how to tell which way I have them.

I didn't even know there was an option to turn them around, thanks for the info; however i like mine where ther at, so unless i have ahuge reason to change them i guess i am good to go...

Thanks for info...

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