Broken Bolt

I have a broken bolt in the frame of my 2003 yz450, it is the bolt that fastens the oil line to the frame.  I have tried reverse drill bits and have now broke two easy outs in the bolt.  The frame of this year also happens to be steel, which makes it impossible to weld a nut to the bolt without welding it to the frame.  This one bolt has caused by bike to be parked for 6 months and has been very frustrating, any suggestions would help.



look into a rescue bit. ive heard many good things

look into a rescue bit. ive heard many good things

I just watched a youtube video of the rescue bit and I'm going to order one right now. Thanks for the help

The oil line does not bolt to the frame, it bolts to the right crankcase cover, which is aluminum.  Furthermore, the cover is easily removable

Pull case off bike

Drill out broken bolt

Run in heli coil


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