Just wondering-can you convert a TTR to a YZ?

I just thought I'd add a THIRD post on this today. :D



Well, with enough MONEY...... :)

Change the decals??????? :D

Ahhh....still NOPE!

yea i dont think thats possable you can make it look like w ya maybe but the power, you will never get with anything you put on it LOL :)

Yea, you can totally do it. The TTR engine just bolts right in the YZ frame with no modification at all. You can also take any model YZ swingarm and bolt that right onto your TTR. Even the pistons and valves are interchangable. :)

Just don't try to adapt the YZ's powerband to the TTR. It's WAY too much for the band cam to handle.

Just don't try to adapt the YZ's powerband to the TTR.

I have some experience with powerbands...I will get back to you on that one. :)

It's WAY too much for the band cam to handle.

That reminds me: one time, at band cam... :D :D :D

That reminds me: one time, at band cam... :D :D :D

LOL well if you stuck a flute in your....well um....pipe it wouldnt make ya go faster but it sure would sound pretty!! :D:)

YES---- First you sell the TTR. Next take the money (be careful not to mix up any non TTR money or the conversion will fail) and go to your favorite Yamaha dealer. Put that money down on a YZ.

Congrats, you have successfully converted your TTR to a YZ. :)

Ok jokes over. What do you want to change? If your talking a TTR125 there are plenty of posts about putting on YZ80 forks and swingarms. If you want to make a 225 or 250 into a YZ I think you are out of luck.

Nice looking bikes. :)

Thanks! :)

cyclenut51 must be rich or something...he gots all those bikes. i have to get a job and get way over half of the bike price before i can get one. then ill be payin it off...it does suck for me.

i gotta buy the whole dam thing!!! anyone wanna help me with charity?? im taking offers.

The old guy dressed in an old Fox T shirt, No Fear pants and DC shoes sitting outside the bike shop slowly puts out his hand to passerbys and says "Gotta few mini 4 stroke bikes I support. Can I have a $1 for a cup of coffee? Please Sir? If not a $ for a coffee I need it for a Powroll stroker kit..............." Might try that. :D

Remember a lot of us a pretty old in here and work our a#@^ off to have a bit of fun. It will all come eventually.... :)

Remember, half those bikes are my wife's. That should tell you:

1) I'm old

2) I work

3) my wife is old and works too.

Oops - hope she doesn't see this... :)


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