OCFHN Needle on YFZ 450

Hey guys...

was talkin to the dude at GTThunder and he says the OCFHN needle is the best for use on the YFZ. He claims better low and mid power, and better throttle response. Any conclusions on this topic? Thanks...


a F taper on a big bike? :jawdrop:i will let james tell you what he thinks.


I thought it a little weird too, but that was what he claimed. I am like, what do I know? :)


how much does the yfz weigh? :)


I have the needle and have spent time testing with it.

The OCFHN needle will need a small main jet or it will not rev out on the top-end. Yes, the bottom-end torque will be good, and better than stock but it's a tradeoff.

The jetting kit for the YFZ addresses this with the blue needle, but retains the high revs.

(Yes, there is a YFZ Quad jetting kit at www.JDJetting.com )


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