Manual Decomp Lever: Keep Or Not?

For those of you who installed an auto decomp cam, did you keep or get rid of the lever, and why?


Keep The Lever Or Not?

<input type="radio" name="option" value="1" />Kept It

<input type="radio" name="option" value="2" />Got Rid Of It

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Got rid of it to save weight and to clean up handlebar. Plus I hated it so much I never wanted to see it again.

ditched it. then worried about needing it. rode about 600 miles, a good portion on knarly trails which i stalled on a few times. never needed it. stopped worrying about it. as stated above, good riddance.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Hanging on the garage wall, soon to be deposited in the round file!!!

No need for it. :)

Got rid of the whole mess. Less clutter on the bars, looks better and saves alittle weight, which by the way I cancelled out over the holidays!

Its good to have when you run through a stream, which we do alot here, and suck water. We had a 03 yzf that sucked water and couldn't be cranked with the kicker. Had to take out the plug to kick out ther water. With the decomp, it's just a matter of using the lever and kicking out the water to start.

I pulled it off...too many bad memories... :D :D :)

Got rid of it to make room for Dual Sport controls on cut down bars.

Filed it in the round file!! Actually its in a box with all the other unecessary crap,

Stock handlebars

overflow bottle

airbox lid

choked up exhaust

Hot start ka-nob

Approx 10" of crankase breather hose

And a few other items.

OK, I guess I will be the black sheep here.

I have kept my decomp lever. The reasons why I have keep it have to do with knowing when my valve clearance is running tight. I can keep track of any valves that are tightening up ( if i have not checks clearances for a while ) by how easy I can kick the bike through with out the lever. This is something that is not easily detectable with the 03's or bikes running the 03 cams. My other reason has to do with the dead starts at a hare scramble. When sitting on the line, I am able to find that sweet spot with the decomp lever. Because of this, I can always get my bike to fire on the first kick. Believe it or not, my bike fires up faster then the 2 strokes, this has given me a ton of hole shots.


If you have problems starting the bike, then I would suggest switching over to make starting easier for you. The only other advantage I can see over having a decomp release, is the fact that you can bump start the bike like a two stroke, especially nice if you stall it and still have enough speed to dump the clutch ans fire it back up while moving.

Hey Crazythumping, I do not understand your comment on using the decomp lever to understand when your valve clearances are tightening up. Please elaborate, this sounds like a good trick to know for all members. Thanks in advance. :)

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