xr50 forks bent?

i just put on a new set of starcrosses on my sons xr50 and noticed that the front tire is barely rubbing the right inside fork rubber dust seal,any suggestions on a easy fix? more annoying than anything but i thought someone else may have had this happen. :)

I bought a used crf 50 and the wheel was just about to rub on one side. I thought it was supposed to be this way. :D Then I decided this was not right and I took off the front wheel. The problem is that the forks are crushed at the bottom where the axel goes thru. What I did was put a long punch thru the axel hole on each fork and bend it one way or the other to make the wheel straight. Or maybe twist the fork around 180 degrees. :)

i just put on a new set of starcrosses.

What are Starcrosses? Anyways, The fork legs on these little buggers aren't even from side to side. Try this, With the front axle nut loose, align the wheel by pushing up on the longer fork leg (the side the top of wheel is leaning toward)to center the wheel between the fork legs. Then while holding it in position, tighten the nut to the specified torque. This should fix the problem. Good luck!

michelin starcrosses and thanx -im gonna give it a try this evening

i agree with you about the fork shafts being uneven,but pushing up on one side then tightning doesn't work-it just returns when i quit pushing that side up.i haven't tore into to these forks yet and i was wondering if there is somthing internal that could be damaged ?the forks don,t appear to be bent just uneven. :)

Ok, how bout this one...

My son has a 2003 xr50, and his forks are both bent slightly backwards toward the engine head (an unexpected collision with a railroad tie). It's still quite rideable, it just shortened the front-end rake, but it just doesn't look right. Any one have an idea (or experience) on how to fix this? :)


We had this same problem. My daughter and her husband bought a '97 Z50 for my grandson. One side was slightly bent and the other side bent much worse. I took the lower legs out and using a rubber mallet and a couple of wooden blocks, to support the ends, was able to "persuade" the legs straight. The rubber mallet left no marks on the chrome. It just takes a little patience and the willingness to beat the crap out of something with a rubber mallet! Great stress reliever! :)

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