What Rear Tire Brand Should I Purchase

I am going through rear tires after every 10 riding trips. I currently have Dunlops D756's. Does anyone have any suggestions on a brand of tire that is a bit more durable for desert and trail riding. I heard that a tire manufacturer makes a larger knobby tire than the norm, do you which manufacturer that may be?

metzeler(sp?) karoo i think is what you are looking for. I haven't gotten one yet, but there are a few on here who run it and are happy with it. You get it as a 140 i think.

We just went through this with no concrete winner maybe michelin baja or karoo :thumbsup:both come in a 140 , most tires can be ordered larger than your dealer carries.

The biggest, gnarliest tire I've run is the Interco TerraFlex. That thing is badass and huge! Biggest knobs of any tire out there. The TerraFlex 140 makes most other 140's look like pizza cutters. It really hooks up well. Flats are not a problem because its got a steel belt. On the downside, the tire is fairly heavy. This is good and bad. Bad in that its harder to break the rear end loose when you really want to and good in that is has a flywheel effect that makes difficult terrain easier. I had to make some adjustments to my rebound damping because of the extra unsprung weight. I recently saw this tire of a bunch of hillclimbers on TV.

metzeler(sp?) karoo i think is what you are looking for. I haven't gotten one yet,

A Karoo is a DOT dualsport tire. Many think it is one of the best DOT tires for dirt, but it is still a DOT tire. The guy is now running 756s which are a straight offroad tire. I do not think he will be happy with the hookup of a Karoo.

If he does not need DOT, there are many many different tires each has their fans its not just one brand its the specific tire in that brand. Around here, Pirelli MT16, Michelin S12 are popular, but there are many more. Almost as many as there are opinions.

BTW, I am not impressed that a Karoo has "big" knobs as in wide ones. What cuts in best are tall but narrow knobs (so you can still have adequate gap between them, but still have the most knob faces bearing on/in the ground at the same time) but DOT doesn't allow this past a certain ratio. Also for a heavy/powerful bike there is a limit on knob severity to avoid breaking them off, but the DOT limit is apparently more limiting. The typical DOT rear tire is like a dirt-only tire that has 500 miles on it already.

A lot of people run Karoos who need DOT, but I don't know anyone who would run them where 756s are permissible.


I am going through rear tires after every 10 riding trips.

How long are your trips?

I don't figure on more than 1,000 miles out of a rear tire. Maybe 750. The serious woods racers around here change their rear tires every weekend.

If you are only getting 500 miles maybe you are roosting more than needed. Are they chunking off or just wearing down & what tire pressure are you using in what kind of terrain....


The IRC VE-37 is very durable and provides great all-around traction. The VE-33 is also excellent, but the side wall is not quite as stiff.

My 140-80-18 S12 michellin outlasts my 756's!! That being said the point is Dunlop 756 doesnt wear too well. There are so many choices. a good DOT combo is the Michelin Baja rear and Pirelli MT-18 front. Long wearing great performance in int-hard terrain, and full dirt DOT tire.

Non DOT combo that works well is a Bridgestone 601/602 combo. Ive never tried this myself, but alot of Desert dual sporters swear on this over the 606's ANY day. These are a few options for say 70-80% dirt and desert or non-muddy type conditions. :)

I don't see anybody mentioning the Maxxis around here. Maybe nobody likes them but I replaced my 756s with them and they have lasted as long and hooked up as well as the dunlops did (except for mud) and they were about $10 cheaper per tire. I have an IT on the rear and a sur cross on the front.

Thanks everyone. I will not use DOT tires because I only dual sport on dirt roads to get from one side to the other. The desert terrain is generally rocky and the rubber off the rear tire is chunked out. I think I will try the Terra Flex. Again, thanks.

One downfall to the TeraFlex IMO is the weight. It is a radial tire and is very heavy. I think it weighs like 20lbs where an S12 weghs 12 lbs!!!! want to shed weight from your bike? Honestly this tire adds it all back. Just my opinion. :)

I think I will try the Terra Flex.

I know nothing bad about the Terra Flex. I know nothing at all about it. I don't know of anyone in my area who uses it. Be my guest, go ahead and try it, but don't know if its the best just 'cause someone said its badass or sumthin.


Yeah, that was me with the badass comment. I'm speaking from experience. Are you? He's here asking opinions. I expressed an opinion based on that experience. I'm not dissing your opinion, why are you dissing mine? :D Everybody has their personal tastes.

Dude, go ahead and try the Flex. I guarantee you that it will hook up and I also guarantee you will never have a flat (unless you tear the sidewall). It wears very well unless you flat-track it on fire roads. :)

As I mentioned, the tire is heavy, but in many cases this is an advantage as I also mentioned due to the flywheel effect it provides. Momentum makes you smooth. It also happens to be DOT approved.

Tread Style II is the ticket. It is a very wide tire. The pic does not do it justice. It barely fits my DRZ.


Here's their site:

Interco Tires

I got mine through a group buy orchestrated by BrandonW. Send him a PM and he'll hook you up with sources. With the group buy, we ended up paying about $65 per, but we did buy about a dozen of them.

So which tire is better the Terra Flex, or the metzeler karoo? I'm found that the karoo is going to be cheaper, and lighter, but its got the ugly white letter sidewalls.. But that terra flex looks like it could be a real meaty tire that would last a long time. Anyone have any ideas? Also does anyone know of a dealer that sells the terra flex?

According to Moredesert...who burns up more tires desert racing than anyone I know...the Michelin Baja, or the Michelin Desert would be good choices for this situation. The Baja is reported to wear like iron, and both baja and desert are considered chunk/cut proof... :thumbsup:Andrew

Michelin Baja


Michelin Desert


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